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OUR MISSION:  The Loxa-Lucie Headwaters Conservation Initiation project will protect one of the largest patches of natural land left on this coast, located within the 70,000-acre Atlantic Ridge Ecosystem (Ecosystem) in Martin County, Florida.  By conserving important scrub, pine flatwoods, marshes, and water quality on the St. Lucie River's South Fork's floodplain and the Wild and Historic Loxahatchee River basins the public will have the opportunity to enjoy the original landscape of this fast-growing area.  This will also preserve and restore historical water flows while protecting an ecological corridor for native endangered plants and wildlife between two state parks.

OVERVIEW:  The Loxa-Lucie Headwaters Initiative is a multi-year project; our Phase 1 acquisition, a 138-acre parcel, has been acquired.  Our goal with this parcel and with other parcels we hope to acquire is to mitigate environmental damage and improve the area's hydrology by raising the water table on the property to address regional flooding in Hobe Sound.  By working with willing property owners and multiple agencies, including Martin County and the South Florida Water Management District, our common interest is to restore and conserve the function of this Ecosystem. Our goal is to assist implementation from the public sector, purchase land where possible, improve water quality, encourage and provide ecological and public benefit before the opportunity has been lost to incorporate these concepts within this Ecosystem,

PARTICIPATION:  The Initiative is sponsored by The Guardians of Martin County and the Treasured Lands Foundation working with The Conservation Fund.  We are in active fundraising mode.  We welcome support from you and all citizens who share our mission.