As expected, our 138-acre parcel (#1) has many invasive non-native species. We have replaced the old culvert and gate on the property and are maintaining the property. Moving forward, we hope to close on a 20-acre second parcel (#2) in June.
Due to the exotic vegetation, both properties require restoration for optimum habitat and hydrologic function. In order to fund the restoration, we are exploring partnerships and grants with the US Fish and Wildlife, the Pine School, and Ducks Unlimited, and through the North American Wetlands Conservation Act. We are thankful to everyone who has supported our mission; you are our stakeholders, and your advocacy makes these accomplishments possible.

Our Mission: Is to conserve, protect, and restore waters resources in the Loxahatchee and St. Lucie Rivers and the natural systems in Martin County, Florida, with a primary focus in the Atlantic Ridge Ecosystem.

When a party loses an ALJ hearing there are 2 potential next steps:

1. Historically, the Martin County BOCC has changed an amendment to the Comp Plan by holding one public hearing.
2. The loser in an ALJ hearing may have an automatic “second bite at the apple”. Gov. DeSantis’ Administration Commission will review the matter. The Commission can amend Follkes* order, as they did with the Costco Project. This option is the current situation.
See "Discovery" (below) for more insight on this option.

(* RLS was rejected by ALJ Francine Follkes for a conflict, since it allows Commercial uses (urban development), outside of the Urban Service District (USD).)

Rural Lifestyle-

What is the next step?

Voice your opinion!

RE: Martin County Rural Lifestyle Amendment 21-08
Send your comments to: Gov. Ron DeSantis: Ph: 850 717 9337 or fill out this form:
Send comments to the Martin County BOCC:
Edward Ciampi <>
Stacey Hetherington <>
Doug Smith <>
Harold Jenkins <>
Sarah Heard
Don Donaldson <>


Atlantic Fields

Discovery is moving forward with groundwork for the project with the knowledge of Martin County. They are proceeding under the current ruling and can develop their project without the convenience store. However, Ms. Melzer has raised other exceptions to the Recommended Order, noting inconsistencies in RLS used by this project, regarding economic opportunities that are commercial by nature outside of the USD . These will be presented at the Governor's hearing,


The Final Order of the Governors Administration Commission approving the construction of the Costco commercial and apartments complex on South Kanner Highway is being appealed to the Fourth District Court of Appeals by attorney Richard Grasso. Initially, the ALJ ruled in favor of challenger Robin Cartwright stating that the Costco project was not in compliance with state law.

Costco had a second "bite of the apple," and the Governor and Cabinet reversed the ALJ's decision, rejecting the ALJ's conclusions based on the facts presented. They instead "overruled" the ALJ and adopted a Final Order that the ordinance complies with state law. It could take a year or more to resolve the appeal. In the meantime, the project may move forward at its own risk while the appeal is pending.

Additions to our Content:

Under our Visual Gallery you will find a link to the Loxahatchee River District, it has numerous urls leading to information on conservation areas to enjoy and links to the River Center. A quick resource for those that enjoy using the recreational facilities of our conservation areas in the southern part of the County. Also, just posted a KC Ingram video interviewing Greg Braun.
Thank you- To Donna Melzer and Virginia Sherlock for providing information for updates on the above items that will impact conservation opportunities in Martin County. These summaries are abbreviated interpretations by the writer of this Newsletter and should not be considered as legal opinions.

We love to hear your thoughts about this newsletter, as well as share your amazing pictures with us. Forward any you'd like to share to us Info@LoxaLucieHeadwatersorg. We will share the best pictures here each month.
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