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Our Mission: Conserve, protect, and restore waters resources in the Loxahatchee and St. Lucie Rivers, and keep and restore the natural systems in Martin County, Florida, with a primary focus in the Atlantic Ridge Ecosystem.

A Revision to Rural Lifestyle (RLS) land use has been proposed. This will expand the potential areas and existing rules. The (Calusa) Ranch will then be applying for a change to the land use for their development footprint under the proposed necessary RLS revisions. The Ranch is located south of the St. Lucie Canal, spanning both sides of SW Kanner Hwy., south and west of the intersection with SW Bridge Rd.

Highlights of the amendments taken from the Staff Report for CPA22-06 include:
(A)(1)(b) Allowing development of 3,000 acres (5 ½ square miles) or more outside of the Urban Service District (USD) if the proposed development is 6,000 feet (1.14 miles) away from an existing or freestanding USD (the Indiantown USD is excluded).
(C)(3) Striking the maximum density of “one unit per 5 acres” with the “density of the PUD”. Also see (A)(4) “no property eligible for the Rural Lifestyle future land use designation may have a density of more than one unit per twenty (20) acres unless the property satisfies the size and locational criteria under Section 1(a)”.
(1)(a) “be comprised of a minimum of 1,000 contiguous acres and a portion of the minimum 1,000 contiguous acres must be adjacent to the Primary Urban Service District, the Secondary Urban Service District or a Freestanding Urban Service District.”

(C)(11) A Staff recommended text change that appear to “permit service from one utility main”.. “from or through the Primary” USD, Secondary USD, or Freestanding USD to the “..Rural Lifestyle future land use designation.”

(C)(11)(c) Permitting “..enhanced nutrient-reducing on site sewage treatment and disposal systems..” . This is a septic drainfield that would remove 50-65% of the total nitrogen but does not regulate other elements/chemicals.

(C)(16)(g) Allowing “..residential multi-slip docking facilities..” this appears it may include marina facilities.

Application materials for The Ranch CPA CPA23-12 note that its Northern Parcel is proposed to be accessed primarily via a proposed tunnel crossing under SW Kanner Highway. Additionally, there is the intent to continue agricultural operations. The County has not identified how many acres outside of the USD could be affected. Additionally, many citizens wonder why golf cottages and other amenities don’t count towards increased density; since these facilities will be using the same services and creating the same burden on services as residential units?

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