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The ALJ determined that Petitioner Donna Melzer failed to prove many of the objections but concluded that inclusion of a community store as an allowed use in the Rural Lifestyle land use designation constituted a commercial use that is inconsistent with the Martin County Comp Plan's requirement that commercial uses be restricted to properties inside the Urban Service District.
.The Conservation Alliance will be holding a meeting on March 28, 2023 to discuss this decision, concepts, and potential alternatives for the benefit of the public. See our calendar for information.
Appropriations Request LFIR # 1896. We are working towards acquiring our second parcel, The Conservation Fund is the custodian of land and monies raised for land acquisition. We have requested an appropriation match for our 2nd parcel from the State of Florida through State Senator Gayle Harrell and State Representative John Snyder. Please add your support for our request- contact Sen. Harrell to voice your support for our appropriation.

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