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Our Mission: Conserve, protect, and restore waters resources in the Loxahatchee and St. Lucie Rivers, and keep and restore the natural systems in Martin County, Florida, with a primary focus in the Atlantic Ridge Ecosystem.

LLHI, has closed on parcel 2! THANK YOU all for supporting conservation and our Mission!

A picture of parcel 2, being cleared of exotics (non-native invasive species) the first step in restoration.
Overview: This issue emphasizes our goals, which is conservation and restoration. We all must work within the land use and zoning regulations that affect our surroundings. Commissioner Sarah Heard explains reasons for some of the development around Martin County. Virginia Sherlock, Esq. attended the Martin County Workshop for the proposed Comprehensive Plan changes, and captured public comments. Jeff Corwin has generously offered to help promote our goals! At the end of this Newsletter is a survey, your opportunity to participate in the process by submitting comments to Martin County regarding changes to the Comp Plan.
"District 4 is experiencing an unprecedented number of development applications.." (these increases aren't only happening in District 4). "More and bigger projects are anticipated, and most will not receive public hearings or even Board of County Commissioners review."
She gave an example of "Two projects ..inside the CRA" (Community Redevelopment Authority) "proposed to utilize SB102, the Live Local affordable housing bill enacted into law on July 1. The law stipulates that if a least 40% of the units are affordable, we must authorize multi-family and mixed use residential in commercial or mixed use zoning. ..we cannot restrict density below the highest currently allowed density, or height below the highest currently allowed.." These developments must be approved administratively with no action by the Board of County Commissioners. If all units are affordable, then 100% of the value is exempt from property tax collection. If less than 100% of the units are affordable, the 75% of the value is exempt.." this "exemption lasts until December 31, 2059.

This development pressure means we have to continue to lobby the County for preservation via land use for natural conservation areas.

Read Newsletter from Com. Heard

Martin County Commissioner Comments on reasons for development activity around Martin County.

In her September newsletter Commissioner Sarah Heard, Martin County, highlights reasons for development increases; all good reasons for citizens to pay attention and participate in the recent County survey opportunity. A link to Commissioner Heard's Newsletter is published under the excerpts (see left).
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Martin County Comprehensive Plan Workshop Summary

Virginia Sherlock, Esq. attended the August 29, 2023 overview meeting of the County's EAR (Evaluation and Appraisal Report) procedure. That meeting outlined the process that counties must take every 7 years to evaluate, review, and make changes to their Comp Plans. Martin County's last EAR dates back to 2017, at that time citizen concerns focused on definitions and Chapters 2 and 4, which were left relatively unchanged due to citizen comments. Her email and insights are her perspective, and may provide understanding of the process and the comments made by those attending. Her bullets are key items that many feel are integral to maintain the "Martin County difference". Note that the survey link (at the bottom of this Newsletter will provide you access to a video of the meeting and the survey.) To see her comments:
Read Sherlock's Meeting Overview
The LLHI and conservationists have found a proponent in Jeff Corwin. He is offering his assistance in promoting our case for conservation though video promotions. If you haven't seen it, view the first of of these by clicking the link below. THANK YOU MR. CORWIN!
Jeff Corwin supporting Martin County Conservation

Take the Martin County Comprehensive Plan Survey.

To view the actual workshop video and link to the survey click on the above.

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